Investing in stocks that pay dividends, it is a strategic way to establish a reliable stream of income. When investors assume a higher degree of risk, there is the potential for a greater gain. To succeed in this direction does not necessarily to have an incredible knowledge. However, an individual interested in such investments, need to understand some of its core principles.

Here are six proven rules of common sense, which every investor should be aware of:

1. Always choose quality over quantity.

One of the most important issues for investors when selecting investment opportunities is a dividend yield. The higher the yield, the higher the probability that the numbers can be deceptive. If the current level of payments on the shares is not sustainable in the long run, these type of investments can quickly begin to play against you and bring a significant loss.

By choosing investment products that offer greater stability, it is necessary to sacrifice a certain amount of profits in the shor
t term, for investors who prefer to hold long-term positions, the result may be even more favorable. Income from dividend stocks with low risk may be smaller, but it will be more reliable and stable in the long-distance time.

2. Work with a reputable company.

The stock market moves in cycles and events tend to repeat themselves. When an individual is deciding to proceed with a dividends investment, there is nothing better than the actual history of the company activities. There are many companies that have consistently
increased their investor returns over the past 25 years. Their brands are easily recognizable, and they generate a constant cash flow, with a high probability to continue and doing so in the future.

3. Pay attention to the potential growth.

Although there are many brand new companies promise to pay very impressive dividends, investors should not be easy on agreeing to their offered terms. It is vital to conduct the preliminary investigation of the company before any serious consideration of investment. In addition to the evaluation of the company past activities, it is also important to examine its future potential. Such as, predicting the future based on its current activity in the market.

4. Pay attention to the payout ratio.

The company’s dividend payout ratio will reveal how safe these investments may be. This ratio tells investors not only how much to pay to the shareholders, but also how much revenue the company can save. If you encounter with a company that pays a high-interest rate of their income to investors, it is a definite sign that you need to be careful.

5. Diversification.

One of the most important principals of investment is an allocation of funds among different small quantities targeting a particular market sector. If a company or industry has an exceptional reputation, such as IT or real estate, this is a good sign for your future dividend income. The distribution of assets among a several directions designed to add a diversification benefit to your portfolio. Also, it will minimise the potential risks while a particular area suffers from a temporarily reduced profitability, the loss may not hurt too much as the rest of your portfolio will continue to operate and earn

6. Know when to fold.

Investment guru Warren Buffet believes firmly in the long-term strategies when it comes to investing, but, like any other smart investor, he knows when to get rid of the assets to reduce the potential loss. The reality is that In the market, there is a fine line between profit expectation from an individual investment instrument and understanding when it’s better to stop working with one of them.

The key is in knowing which one, and that’s of course comes with experience, but a deeper assessment of what is happening within the market gives the strongest knowledge and the valuable tools to minimise the risk and the preservation of diversity in Investor’s portfolio.

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