The simplest way to achieve financial freedom, receiving a passive income, is to entrust your money to professional trader. However, even the most reputable assetmanagers can lose your funds. In order not to fall in such situation, it is very important to check every detail.


Asset-manager is a person who professionally invests your money, and taking a part of the profit for his service.

What is the benefit? If you do not have the time or interest to study investing, but you want to multiply your funds, then to use asset management services is the best option.


No one will trust a huge amount of funds to a young trader without experience. We all want to deal with professionals.

The ideal choice is the manager who has statistics of 3 years or more. The most reliable traders are ready to give statistics for 5-7 years. You should ask for online monitoring profiles like MyFXbook, FXstat, MQL5. There client can check realtime-updated statistics of a trader. And don’t trust to people who offer just MT4-terminal statements, because it is very easy to falsify that type of documents.

People, who did not pay attention to this factor, can trust money to managers who use aggressive strategies, inexperienced traders. Couple of months, maybe, a fortune will be on the side of investors, but in any case, the funds will be lost.


Anyone, even the most reliable manager can show a negative result, but the risk can be limited. Many companies offer several types of services, among which there is asset management with minimal risk.

As a general rule, the profitability of strategies with low risk does not exceed 30-40% per annum.

With a little risk there will be less income, but still more than a bank deposit. Management strategies with high risk and large annual percentages rarely lead to the expected result.


You can not ignore reputation of the organization in which asset management will be carried out. Obviously, it’s not the best option to give money to young companies or individuals solely on the basis of a contract.

Whatever results are announced, there is always a chance to stay without money and start running around in the courts.

You should pay attention to:

The largest banks. Unfortunately, not everyone is available, since the management accepts amounts over $ 50,000. Management companies and investment funds with high credibility. The amount of entry is more acceptable, but there are restrictions. Formally registered forex dealers. Suitable for those who have very small seed money.

As for the Forex market, it’s worth mentioning that it’s worth paying attention only to licensed and regulated companies in serious jurisdictions such as the EU, the USA, Australia, the UK. For people with small capital, this is a chance to try themselves in investing. Given these criteria, you will significantly protect your investments. In addition, you can avoid disappointment, you will have the opportunity to achieve the coveted freedom and harmony, as well as to direct your strength to realize your desires.

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