4 wrong beliefs about money

Desperation will not solve your money problems – this will require drastic measures. “Investlike.pro” figured out what beliefs prevent many people from improving their financial situation

I do not have money and opportunities.

Perhaps the most common excuse, but it does not apply to those who are in real trouble and who do not have the means to survive. So many people attribute problems themselves, which actually do not exist.

As an example, consider a character named John. John’s affairs are so-so, he has a mortgage, and he does not have enough salary. Unconscious John’s hobby – complain about life and blame fate in their problems, and when he is offered real opportunities to earn, he just cancels them.

He has a lot of chances to improve, he simply does not see them. So, recently he met his classmate Michael, who had a better life. John decided that Michael’s business – this is a pure scam, and did not ask for help.

John’s favorite phrase – “I have no money, I can not do it.”

Enough. You can do it, that’s for sure. Try at least once to believe in yourself with all your heart and do something to improve. The result will come soon.

You need to save on everything.

Another interesting fact about John: he can not force himself to save money. The last time he lasted only a week. The problem is that John is trying to save on everything, even on the most necessary things, and sometimes this brings him down.

Once he had to go to treat his teeth and he decided to save by doing it in a clinic with a bad reputation, but low prices. As a result, John had to be treated again, but even more expensive.

Now John thinks that it would be better for him to buy things at a higher price everywhere, because they are better. As people say, the miser pays twice, but certainly not in the case of Jhon.

The truth is to spend money wisely, saving where possible, not everywhere.

Budget management is too difficult.

John believes that keeping the budget is a senseless waste of time and energy, because he already knows what, where and for how much he bought. But John doesn’t know that in one supermarket next to the house he spends two and a half times more per month than he could spend in another. John sees that there are always stocks in his chosen store, and some goods seem cheaper to him, only his opinion is far from reality.

John thought about it when he met his another friend Brad, who told him about his savings in a nearby store. Simply Brad changed his mind once and began to write down on what and how much he spends. In the end, he found out where it actually comes out cheaper.

Spend a few minutes and rewrite the numbers – it’s not difficult. Do not let yourself be deceived.

I’m not guilty of my money problems.

John sometimes thinks about the reasons for his failures, but that’s it, because he finds the guilty. Sometimes it’s his not well-educated¬†parents and they did not give right example, sometimes the country is bad. There may be too much taxes or a greedy employer.

The fact is that John has all the possibilities to change jobs or to save some money, and then move out of the city, which he so does not like. But all this will not help, because everywhere he will be – John, who is blaming his problems.

Even if John’s salary doubles, nothing will change, because his convictions will be the same. As a consequence, John will find where to spend extra money, instead of saving and multiplying. Most of those people who won a¬†lottery, lost their money.

Change your beliefs, go out of your comfort zone, develop and grow. Start with such elementary things as self-confidence, reasonable expenses, budget control and responsibility, you will be able to overcome any obstacles. Is is a happiness and it is in your hands, isn’t it?

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