It is necessary to set a deadline for achieving your desires and invest money in self-development in order to improve in your wealth. But it’s always your choice.

As we have already said, there are three key life resources:

  • Time

  • Energy

  • Money

In this article, we will talk about money. For each of us, it plays a special role, and we all recognize that it is necessary for our life.

I‘m not going to tell you any secret, and unfortunately, I don’t have a treasure map to share with you. It will be about money attitude and about the role it plays in your goals achieving. And again, it is only your choice to be wealthy or not.


Let’s admit – we don’t want money. We want to have a good car, a big house, we want to wear good cloth. And it happened so that to have all these benefits you need to have a lot of money. If we were lived in an ancient society, then instead of money we would have to give a hundred loaves or 10 skins for some jeans.

In any case, it is important to understand that before you spend money, you need to want something. Money is just simply an affordable way of satisfying desires.

It turns out that along with our opportunities to earn, our attitude to money depends on what and how much we want to buy. Unfortunately, not all people understand this.

Our money attitude depends on what and how much we want to spend. Unfortunately, not all people understand this.

Today, I understand that it perfectly illustrates the balance of our needs and opportunities, that is wealth.

There are people who are very unstable in this ratio. They want a car, an apartment, and it would be nice to have a cottage with a veranda when they are 20 years old. They constantly thinking why they can not get what they want on the office worker salary.

I’m not saying that it happens with everyone. But only by correlating your needs with real opportunities at the moment, you can learn to value your potential and choose the right directions for self-development.


The easiest way is to set the deadline for achieving your goals, so that they do not bother you at the moment. To do this, you need to understand what kind of money is “necessary” for you, and which ones are “pleasant”.

Make a list of three points:

  • Every month I have to buy products, pay for the apartment, the Internet and so on (and quite often this number is not so big as it might seem).

  • Every three months (or six months) I need to update my clothes or shoes, sign up for a foreign language course or an advanced training program.

  • Every two or three years I want to buy new household appliances, sports equipment or go on vacation abroad.

Time limits, like needs, you establish yourself. The main thing to understand is that with such a simple technique you kill two birds with one stone: you know that you do not need a new iPhone, and set a full-fledged goal, which you can move gradually.

But if in a year or two you still will not have enough money to do what you want, what should you do?

The answer is very simple – investments.


Money should make money.

The question “How is better to spend money?” We consciously ask ourselves not so often as it seems. There are basic needs that need to be met, there are public standards that remind you that you need to go to the sea once a year, but there is a desire to earn more, which is also impossible without certain monetary costs.

Now I’m not talking about hiring a killer to eliminate your competitor, but about investing in your knowledge and skills that are the source of income.

I am very inspired by the quote of Gary Becker, Nobel Prize winner in economics: “We do not have a gap in American income – there is a gap in the level of knowledge and skills.”

No matter how much we want to get, we will be frank – many of us will lose money as quickly as they have, because they will not be able to dispose this money wisely.

Over the past year, I bought and read about 60 books on various aspects of self-development, each of which cost about $ 50. In the amount of $ 3,000, it is less than payment one university semester. But for this time my income has more than doubled.

Ask yourself just one question: what is the only skill that you can now spend money that will help you advance your career? Respond to it, and the options will fall on you like apples in the fall.

Start from small: once a month buy a book, every six months go to courses, once a year, visit professional conferences and forums.

You can argue with me, but I’m absolutely sure that to earn more, you need to know more.

InvestLike.Pro team wishes you good luck!

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