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That’s a well-known fact; it is tough to find an excellent funds-manager in the foreign exchange market. Our team puts an enormous amount of research and studies to find those traders which we can trust for our investors. Because our reputation, compensation, and future business directly depend on the growth of each investment portfolio, we manage.

We are ready to provide the funds if your trading system and experience correspond to several key requirements:

  • Available online statistics on MyFXbook, or a similar monitoring from 1 year.
  • Experience in asset management with the size of $ 10,000 or beyond.
  • Required risk control (money management, risk management).
  • We do not consider nor interested in strategies based on averaging hedging, grid-trading, or Martingale method.
  • Personal experience in forex-trading of at least three years.
  • If you are licensed funds-manager, it'll be a great advantage.

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+7 years

of Stable profit for our investors

+$14 000 000

The total amount of funds currently managed by our traders is already beyond $14 million.


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